Tuesday, January 10, 2012

An Untold story of "My Pakistan".

Being a Pakistani,I really want to know the reasons ,grounds and causes of that Partition of Indian,after 64 years; for which our forefathers sacrificed everything even their lives.I want to know the goals and aims of that great migration on the both sides of wall among us (Today's Pakistan and India) and have we achieved them ?; for which our Grands paid a high Cost.

I am not an Indian migrant parentaly but my Maternal Grandfathers were migrants from Indian Punjab.My grandfather (Mr. Nazir Ahmad Sheikh Late) used to tell me the awful stories of 1947 partition with tearful eyes.He told the days of his prosperity , comfort and well-being there.His Father's name was Sheikh Ghulam Qader,He was a cloths merchant and the owner of a cloths Depot in Village.With this business,they had agri-lands and many cattle too. Undeniably they were an average High-class Muslim Family there.Mr.Ghulam Qader (Father of My Grand Pa) was interested in their children Education.That's why he sent his four boys to school. Unfortunately the three other brothers of my Grand Pa couldn't be consistent in their studies and left school just after some months and joined their father in business.My Grandfather continued his education and completed his Matriculation in 1947,just after three months of Indian partition.
He described educational system,Hindu-Muslim harmony ,days of milk and honey ,partition stories and socio - economic systems of Indian Union.I discussed these stories with him many time in his life.He has passed away two year back.Luckily I saved some of his stories and events which he usually shared with me.Now I'll write the next lines from him but in my words.The image is totally designed  and described by him.I hope ,You surely will like this untold Story.

We were four brothers and two sisters.My Father was a famous an respectable trader of Clothes in Dalli village (Dist. Jalahandar,Indian Punjab).With this business we had the agri-lands too.Our life was very blooming.I was studying in a Public school,which was some 10 miles away from our home and we used to go daily on feet.Most of our teachers were Hindus and Sikhs,with some English teachers too.He elected Mathematics additionally and an English (Angraiz in Urdu) teacher taught him.The other subjects were Persian,English Language,Science,Arabic (I am not sure about it now).The Verses of Holy Quran was daily recited with the combination of some "Mantars" from Veeds.After it "Tarana-e-Milli"(The National Song) was sung,which was written by a Muslim poet;Dr.Allama M.Iqbal.The education system was very well, all students worked hard but unluckily most of My classmates were Hindus.My best friend was Lajpat Rai.He became a D.C.Officer after partition.I really missed him very much.We both are the competent students of class and neighbour of mine in village.His Father was a Congress Man.Lajpal's father was an active person arranged various meetings and jalsas of Congress leaders including Muslims and Hindus.My Grandfather was an businessman and not much interested in politics of India.But that time every Indian was effecting by political situations of India.It was 1941 when WW2 is knocking at the doors of India.In school we listened the name of a Muslim Party "All India Muslim League",which was struggling for a separate Muslim state.I remembered when one night Lajpal's Father discussed about Muslim League and Jinnah.All the participants of that night gathering decided to oppose any Partition of the their Motherland.I personally likes the vision of Muslim League but I was restricted to participate any activity except Study.One Day I discussed this issue with my Maths. Teacher,who was an English person.He told me whole the story and teach the "two Nations Theory" in very lucid manner. I decided to join Muslim League,but there was no chance of it in my village.One day I came to know that a meeting will be arranged by Muslim League in Amartasar (in Indian Punjab Now).I decided to join it with Lajpal Rai.We bunked off class and participated in it.On the way back to home Mr.Lajpal cursed the separation policy,I was his opponent but he couldn't follow me ,nor I could follow him.In these days a Muslim person from our village joined Muslim League too.Now the night gatherings in our drawing rooms became interesting because of his opposition.Years were passing,one day I came to know Pakistan is going to be a reality.I was in 10th class then.My Father was worried about this decision because he didn't want to leave his motherland.On other hand the natives of our village was also saying that please stay here.In these situations Pakistan Came into being on Aug.14,1947.Just after this decision the riots spread across the India.Luckily with Hindu Majority our Village was peaceful and safe.We decided not to migrate,but I personally didn't want to stay in India.After some days my wish became true with an awful accident. Mr.Lajpal's aunt was lived in Rawalpindi (Now in Pakistan),during these riots someone burns her home and she died with her three children due to burning.Muslim league was declared to responsible for it.When Lajpal's Uncle (Her Aunt's husband) fled to our village and told whole story.This incident made everyone very sad.One night when we was going to our beds,someone knocked our door.He was Lajpal,he told me and my father to leave village as soon as possible.My father didn't admit it because no village native wanted that we leave the village. He requested my Father and told that today My Uncle made the plan to kill all the Muslims of village in night because He also didn't want to leave his home but Muslims not only insisted him to do so but killed his whole family.He is burning now with the flames of Muslim enmity.in this enmity he will attack you first because you are the prominent one here.My father decided to fled to next village but not to go in Pakistan permanently.That night we went in neighbouring village with some edibles and clothes.Next day we came to know that last night some people attacked on Muslim properties and families and destroyed everything.The Family of Mr.Lajpal was killed also.Hindus of that village vowed that Some Muslims killed the Lajpal family and in return we destroyed them.I became very glum to listen it ,not due to our lose but due to the murder of My best friend.Next day we decided to go Pakistan.After some days tragic traveling we reached in Pakistan.( The Story of that traveling will be revealed in different article,soon).
After reaching here we saw very difficult days of life,even we ate leaves of plants when we didn't find food.We came to know that Govt. of Pakistan will compensate the loss of Muslim people and support them.My father applied for it too but due to the statements of that person ;who was from our village and was a Muslim League workers from our village,and who fled with us at Lajpal's information, we was declared the Congress Men and didn't give us anything.It was one example of cost our family payed for Pakistan to Muslim league and Muslims.After settling in Pakistan,i appeared in 10th exams which I couldn't complete in India and passed with A-Grade.I couldn't carry on my Study due to our poor situation.After it I worked very hard in my Life with my Brothers and Father.We purchased a shop.I educated my Family .Now my two sons are Doctor,one is an agriculture Graduate,one is a teacher and one is a businessman who trades in cloths as his forefathers. "

Here One story is reached at an End,but it was not the End of debate .I further asked many Questions to him like "Was Pakistan obligatory?" His answer was very unexpected and startling for me. For which I'll write another story after it.

Mohammad Zakwan Nadeem

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Our Free Media

Everyday when we switch on our T.V. sets any time,only one debate is running on at every News channel of Pakistan that "Country is facing very critical situations ,The infections of Pakistan is at boom,some analysts termed it as incurable disease by which patient(Pakistan) is going to die".The Guest of such programmes moot the problems and the hitches of Nation in very lucid manner.These talk-shows are usually of one or two hours length.Every Pakistani watches these chats with a great hope and optimism.But at the end of every debate ,He gets nothing but the new and hidden problem lists and fading of hopes. These analysis give him the reasons to worry about.Every leader of our country;no matter with which party he belongs, has a consistency with all leaders of his own group or other group that he blames others and condemns only his opponent's mistakes.On other hand his blames are not admitted by others and vice versa.I think(May be it is not true) ,to admit mistakes is not a wrong deed. The talk-shows give such combats daily.Media in this sense is going very well that it is presenting such encounters of Politicians and by eyeing them every Pakistani knows the problems and sham acts of our leaders today.The 2nd side of this picture is very dark, our "free Media" could never present any single solution for the problems,today Pakistan is facing.The more gloomy thing is that media has no interest or creed in such critical situations.To solve these problems media has only one treatment,it can design more rings for political wrestling to improve the grasp of Problems only; with no solution , maximize advertisements profits and collect more viewers for such "DANGALLS".Media tries to cash every incident in Pakistan,no matter it is a Benzair assassination,PML(N) dominated Long March,Raymond Davis case,Imran Khan's so called "Tsunami",NATO air strikes,suicide bombing or memo gate scandal.Media designs the situation in such manner that it can get more profit and viewers from Pakistan and all our the world. 
I am really amazed when participants of Analytical talk-shows abuse each other,anchors enjoy the situation and air the flames instead of muting such rubbish people.I was watching a famous talk-show of a leading Pakistani news channel some days back,A famous so called reformer and analyst of Pakistan abused the other participant and used most dirty and unethical language for him.I really surprised when host of the show didn't mute him nor cut off his call.The host not only continued the chat but gave him proper time to present his "theology". His whole "theology" was consist on "Kutta","HaramZada","Harami" and "Lanti" like words.Such "productive" analysis can be viewed 24 hours specially after 6PM daily at all Pakistani News channel. In this sequence I'll want to mention another talk-show when a drunk and loaded with Alcohol analyst presented the doctrine of Islam and abused a former ruler of Pakistan, live and Publicly.When he was using his dirty,immoral,wicked and libellous language on phone call ,a ticker told me that he is a "Senior Analyst,Journalist and Columnist" of today's Pakistani Media.He is invited daily in almost every channel's talk-shows to present analysis at current situation of Pakistan.Anyone can search him at YouTube too by above mentioned tags.When I saw his introductory line,I turned off the Television because I have found the solution of the problems of Pakistan,for which I was watching this show. 
The importance and vital role of media is irrefutable in modern ages.It is considered as the fifth pillar of the state.Luckily we,the Muslims of Sub-continent has a rich history of media and Journalism.Muslims introduced the positive journalism in India(Pre-Partition).The newspapers of that times gave birth the revolutionary changes and echos the voice of Muslim problems but with solutions.The owners of these paper were not from a rich backgrounds nor they ever changed their slogan and mission with the increments of hardships,jails or bans.Their policy never changed with the fear of decrease in advertisements or censorship. With all these facts another and most vital reality was that "their analysts were Abul Kalam Azad,Maulana Jauhar,Hasrat Mohani,Deewan Singh,Zafar Ali Khan,Shorish Kashmiri and Hameed Nizami".When such people will be in editorial boards and senior analysts why the media should not bring reforms in state,why the Media will not be the most important pillar of any country ??? 
Today Geo,ARY,Express,Aaj,Duniya,Jang,Nawa-i-waqt etc are strongest and free as compare to Al-Hilal,The Comrade,Hamdard,Riyasat, ZameenDar and Chit'taan etc.Today's media has strong financial backs,lot of advertisments,great population of readers and viewers but why they are only making anxious the nation?? 

To answer this question I'll have to present the performance and general vision of our main Media groups. 
When Musharaf was ready to fly ,Media presented the PPP and Banzeir "The only Solution for Pakistan's troubles".When Banzeir's Party came into power,after just 3 months media started to arrange battlefields for PPP and oppositions.When PPP Govt. did'nt restore the judiciery and aims to continue the policy of Musharaf ,Our media no doubt worked well and spread awareness in whole nation .That time the Hero and the center of hopes was Mr.Nawaz Sharif.The transmissions was broadcasted even 24 hrs a day in his favor and bravery.Media presented him the champion of all long-march game.That time media forgot that Nawaz Sharif was not only the fighter and straggler of this movement but Imran Khan ,JI and many other parties are also participated in Movement.Due to this mediaism Nawaz Sharif became the most popular and loving leader of Pakistan.The general know-how of politics of majority of Pakistanis depends upon Media these days. They are injecting the theories in nation's vain.Similarly now Imran Khan is in media's good book these days.Media is terming him as the reformer, last hope and the sign of change in Pakistan.Imran Khan is in politics from more then a decade with same theory and doctrine.No channel or newspaper listened his voice from 1996 to till Oct.31,2011,when he gave surprise to all Political Parties and Media itself.Now whats the special thing, made him blue-eyed.I think his campaign is profitable than PMLN,JI,PPP,ANP and MQM because the majority of Youth want to listen,watch and read him... 
At the end of the Story the result is waiting to appear that "today we have lot of Media Source like Geo,ARY,express etc;those are strongest ,powerful and free than Al-Hilal,ZameenDar,Chatan and Hamdard .But they are injecting the wrong antidots in our veins because the reformers or Doctors of Nation are not Abul-Kalam Azad,M.Ali Jauhar,Hasrat Mohani,Deewan Singh,Zafar Ali Khan or Shorish Kashmir.This wrong antidote is more poisonous than the Poision itself

Mohammad Zakwan Nadeem